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About Christine Adar

I’m Christine and I have a passion for making timeless dresses and costumes. I’m the designer and founder of Christine Adar, where I create wedding dresses, evening gowns, and cocktail dresses.

Christine Ammon has been designing custom high-end Eveningwear, Bridal and Costumes for 10 years. She now designs under the label Christine Adar. Her designs can best be described as red-carpet looks with a touch of old Hollywood glamour. She chooses rich, regal luxurious fabrics to make women feel beautiful, feminine and sensual. Christine uses exquisite fabric that she visualizes what it could be and then she begins to drape, create and see the garment take shape.

After graduated with her first Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, she received her second Bachelor’s with honors in Fashion Design from the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. It was during this time at school that she began designing under her own label. Christine was honored to be asked to participate in an Italian Study Tour and studied for part of a summer at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Bella Arti Milano) in Milan, Italy. At the end of her degree, she was fortunate enough to intern under a designer in London named Jean-Pierre Braganza where she learned the trials and tribulations of the design business and how much dedication it takes to show at London Fashion Week. Living and working in London enabled her to see and experience design on a global scale and immerse herself in the international fashion scene. During this time she learned how to hone in on her creative skills and use them to shape, cut and fit her designs on a whole new level- becoming truly inspiring. Upon moving back home to the states, she began custom work for private clients and started participating in fashion shows in Milwaukee, Chicago and New York. All of these experiences have helped mold her into the designer she is today- along with some informal design training from her grandmother who was also a beautiful seamstress. Christine wants every woman that wears one of her designs to feel like she’s walking on the “red-carpet.”

Christine Adar Ammon began designing in 2007. Her company is based out of the Chicago, IL and shown in both the Chicago land area and Milwaukee, WI. It has also been shown in New York. The company designs glamorous high-end eveningwear and bridal for women. The company’s mission is to provide woman with elegant high-end garments that will look like they belong on the red-carpet. Garments are designed to look timeless and classic while still honing in on a few key trends each year. The fabrics used in each garment are key to the brand’s identity. Christine Adar uses high-end dramatic, regal and luxurious fabrics. Each garment currently is custom-made for each client. The company currently contracts with local seamstresses in the Chicago land area to sew the gowns and the designer also sews some of the garments herself.


The vision for Christine Adar’s evening gowns and cocktail wear is to provide women with elegant high-end gowns that look like they could be photographed on the red carpet or like they just stepped out of a picture taken from a “must have” magazine ad. The gowns are that pop of glamour someone would want to add to any special occasion look or even just a night out with friends. All gowns use fabrics with a high-end designer looks and timeless pieces that add to a women’s closet. The separates can be paired with dressier garments or just a pair of jeans and heels to go out for a special evening. Each garment is designed with an understanding of how a garment should be fitted to a women’s body to compliment her best assets and has a little old Hollywood red-carpet flair. All Christine Adar gowns have a sensual feeling while accentuating a certain part of the body (like an open back) but still remain regal and classic.